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Invest in data-driven and actively managed crypto-fund,
designed to lower your risk and multiply your assets.

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Investment Methodology
based on proven principles

Proven Technical Strategies

Our team has spent years creating tools and algorithms in order to design a diversified investment portfolio. Depending on your investment horizons and acceptable risk levels - we find, evaluate, and correlate numerous crypto assets for your investment.

Minimum Capital Risk

Our experts work round the clock to analyse and evaluate the current market situations and hence, invest in crypto assets with minimum capital risk and maximum gains.

Sharpe Ratio

We have succeeded in obtaining the highest sharpe ratio on most of our investments, which are significantly higher than our competitors.

Our Philosophy

We believe, understanding crypto-market patterns and leveraging cyclic nature of cryptocurrencies is the best way to invest with confidence.

Utilizing classic trading principles combined with our self-designed investment portfolio and algorithms, our cryptoexperts filter out the market noise and find the best crypto-assets that offer maximum profits.

We aim to build an ecosystem where anyone can enter the world of digital assets and participate in an open and well connected economy.

Safely Secured

Secured by Trezor

Your crypto assets are safely stored by Trezor, a hardware wallet and hence protected against viruses.

Quick & Easy Withdrawal

You can choose to withdraw your capital and or profits, and the request for same will be processed conveniently.

Completely Transparent

We offer quarterly reports related to your investment growth thereby keeping you in the loop at all times.

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